Five must-have items to survive the winter

Winter is sneaking up on us people! It’s time to man the battle stations before the sun becomes a distant memory. Here are my top five picks that see me through the melancholy months.


No structuring and tailoring here, I want my coats to be like a giant hug. Why wear a jacket that fits you when you can wear one that doubles as your sleeping bag?


The most important detail to check when choosing an oversized coat is the composition. Your coat has to keep you warm throughout the winter so it needs to be made of the right types of fabric. Avoid 100% polyester as it will hold less warmth and be less breathable. An ideal composition is wool-blend, comprising usually of wool and polyester. The higher the percentage of wool, the warmer the coat – but also more expensive. Zara and Mango are great stores on the high street that offer affordable wool-blends.

My pick for this winter is the below coat from Zara. While a good print or bold colour is great, a neutral coat is more versatile because it can be paired easily with other items in your wardrobe. It’s all about the layering!

oversizedcoatZara – Double breasted coat
84% polyester, 16% wool, 0% polyamide


These are an all-season staple but crucial for keeping the tootsies warm over the winter season. Try pairing boots with midi skirts, both ankle and over-the-knee styles work well for this look (and you can wear fifteen layers of tights underneath without anyone ever knowing).


I am eyeing up these boots below from Mango to join my shoe family. They are over the knee so will help to give an extra layer of warmth, and they have a chunky heel for added comfort points. But best of all, they are velvet which can add an unexpected texture to a simple outfit. Although velvet fabric is probably not the best fabric for rainy winter days but hey, who needs practicality?

velvet bootsMango – Velvet over-the-knee boots
100% polyester, Lining: 80% polyester,20% polyurethane,
Insole: 100% goatleather, Sole: 100% thermoplastic


This one is a no-brainer. While you’re tucked up on the train in your coat/sleeping bag, of course you are going to need a pillow. Enter: the oversized scarf. Also highly effective at their main purpose of keeping your neck warm and snuggly. And they have the power of turning a jumper and jeans into that ‘effortlessly cool’ look.


Like the coat, neutral colours can be the best choice for scarves in order to pair with a large number of outfits. Although a patterned scarf can be great for pulling colours from other items to tie an outfit together.

The scarf I am going for this season is the Tuva wool shawl from Weekday. It comes in a variety of colours but my favourite is the light grey. And for 100% wool it is so affordable.

Get in my shopping cart!

weekday scarfWeekday – Wool Shawl
100% Wool
Dimensions 206cm x 62cm


The baker boy hat is having a big moment this season, but for me the winter headwear staple will always be the slouchy beanie. Throw in an oversized pom pom for extra fun factor.


There are so many great beanies out there, it’s hard to pick just one favourite. And while every wardrobe needs a black beanie, this is also the time when it can pay off to go bold with a pop of colour or different texture.

I have narrowed it down to two favourites, this grey Topshop beanie with a fun rainbow pom pom, and this purple Weekday beanie that oozes casual cool (although at £40 it might be worth holding out for the Black Friday sales..)

beanie.jpgTopshop – Rainbow Pom pom beanie
100% Acrylic
weekdaybeanie.jpgWeekday – Reflected beanie
100% Acrylic


We all know that comfy knitted jumpers are the bread and butter of every winter wardrobe, but there’s so much more the faithful knit can offer.


When the focus is on layering up and keeping warm it can sometimes make expressing yourself in the winter difficult.
But knitwear has come a long way and this season is no exception. The high street is already full of some perfect statement knits that can add some pizazz to even the dullest ensemble.

I fell in love when I first spotted this little number on the Zara website:


Only to have my heart broken when I scrolled through the photos to find…



Zara, Zara, Zara, why do you do this to us?
This is a deal-breaker and unfortunately so common on the high street. When buying online it always pays to check every photo to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying.

How about this Asos jumper instead?

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 22.25.47Asos – Leopard patterned jumper
78% Cotton, 22% Viscose

Varsity v-necklines are big this season so it’s a win on the trend front as well!

And that’s my five winter staples. Happy styling!

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