Review: Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff

In his fourth published book, Matt Ruff gives us a science fiction thriller that takes you on a mind-bending journey through twisting alternate realities. You'll find yourself questioning what is real and what is not, as the lines between good and evil are blurred.

Review: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

After learning he was to be a dad for the first time, Safran Foer began to ask himself those niggling questions that are too often ignored or suppressed. How is this McDonalds burger so cheap? Why do we get diseases from ill-prepared meat? Should I feed meat to my child? What results is a moving, well-researched and insightful look into what we are eating and where it came from. 

Review: The History of Bees by Maja Lunde

Okay, let's talk Maja Lunde for a minute. Hailing from Norway, Maja had already found success in television screenplays and children's novels. But why stop there? With nine books under her belt she then took on her very first adult novel, 'The History of Bees'.